Apex  Euroflex  Duct hoses are highly specialised in performance. They are widely used for pneumatic transportation; dust collecting equipments, washing machines and airconditioning equipments in buildings. Also suitable for carding machines and draw frames in Textile machinery.
This light weight, flexible, non-metalic hose has a specially compounded rigid PVC reinforcement which is helically wound and inseparably fused to the soft inner walls. By its unique construction, our ducting results in a thin, very smooth wall, being almost completely protected from any possible crushing.


Size Diameter Bending Radius      (mm)
ID(mm) Inch ID.(mm) OD.(mm)
22 0.75" 21 28.6 35
25 1.00" 25.4 31.1 45
32 1.25" 31.8 38.6 50
40 1.50" 38 45 55
50 2.00" 50.8 57.2 65
65 2.50" 60.5 68.5 75
75 3.00" 76.5 83.5 95
100 4.00" 101.2 108.94 125
125 5.00" 127 135.2 140
140 5.50" 140 148.5 150

Recommended maximum working temperature : 60 / 70° C.


Top Quality Air Duct Hoses for Air Intake Solutions

If you are thinking of buying a high-quality air duct hose, you have come to the right people. At Hitakshi Trading you would find the best air duct hoses for effective air intake solutions. We import all kinds of industrial and irrigation hose pipes from India. We are a family-run business and take immense pride in our integrity and highest levels of customer support & customer service.

Hitakshi Trading is one of the leading suppliers of all kinds of hose pipes in Australia and it provides premium quality duct hoses manufactured by Apex Irrigation. These duct hoses are supposed to be highly-specialized and enable high performance. They are known for wide applications. They are used in dust collecting equipment, air conditioning equipment, washing machines, and most importantly, in pneumatic transportation. An Apex Euroflex duct hose is also quite effectively used for draw frames found in textile machinery and also for carding machines.

An air duct hose is used in pneumatic transportation systems. It is often utilized for transporting compressed air, lightweight bulk solids, and gases in the air. It is quite flexible. We offer high-quality air duct hoses for air conditioning equipment. These hoses are known for exceptional flexibility for connecting effectively with air conditioning units. They are known to enjoy great compressibility.

All air duct hoses supplied by us are produced using top grade raw materials and they have gone through numerous tests on diverse parameters. Moreover, thanks to the cutting-edge techniques and the most advanced technology, our air duct hose promises greater flexibility and definitely extended functional life.


Sizing is obviously the most essential and fundamental factor in the air duct hose selection. Dimensions would be including the length, inner diameter, and the outer diameter.

  • Length: The hose’s length would be defining the maximum reach between the two ends. The hose must be adequately long for reaching all conceivable points of application or connection. Increased hose length would be increasing the system’s pressure drop that could be impacting the analogous air driven equipment.
  • Inner Diameter (I.D.) is supposed to be the extent of the empty space existing in any circular hose’s cross section that would be impacting the fluid’s flow velocity within the hose. Choose the right hose with perfect ID. Otherwise, any hose with an undersized ID could be causing unwarranted pressure drops, system damage, or leaks while an air duct hose having an oversized ID would be culminating in sluggish performance of the system.
  • Outer Diameter (O.D.) would actually be measuring accurately, the entire extent of the hose’s cross section and that would include the cover, the tube, and even the reinforcement. The difference between a hose’s O.D. and I.D. would be the precise thickness of the wall of the hose. O.D. plays a pivotal role in sizing bare air duct hose to system components and fittings.


  • Fluoropolymers offer superb corrosion, chemical and even high temperature resistance. Fluoropolymers hoses are supposed to be having relatively better service life as compared to other hoses; therefore, you would be saving quite a lot if you decide to use them.
  • Elastomers are great for flexibility and abrasion resistance. They are quite reasonably priced.
  • Metal air duct hoses are known for extremely high resistance against pressure and temperature; however, they are typically heavy and quite stiff. If you are not looking for adding an extra load to your car, these hoses should better be avoided.

Construction Characteristics

Air duct hoses may be constructed for incorporating several diverse features that may be crucial depending on the kind of application.

  • Corrugated: Hose is known to contain spiral convolutions, pleats, or corrugations for boosting flexibility and the capability to compress and elongate.
  • Coiled: Hose is actually coiled for boosting elasticity and flexibility, making it relatively easier to store and expandable too.
  • Crush-Proof: Hoses are actually designed for making them crush-resistant or even collapse-resistant. This is pretty critical for applications where kinking or flow interruption could be causing serious system damage.
  • Anti-static: Hoses are supposed to be anti-static for preventing the static electricity build-up.
  • Reinforced: These hoses are actually constructed along with additional reinforcement that is supposed to be fortifying the strength.

Uses of Air Duct Hose

Air duct hoses are used for transporting gases, compressed air, or even some lightweight bulk solids suspended in air. These are typically flexible and mostly known to be reinforced. An air duct hose is used as an air duct for cooling and heating, for supplying gases to different regulated applications, for supplying compressed air at relatively high pressures and also for conveying bulk materials from rail cars or trucks into storage silos. Air duct hoses could be manufactured for ideally, relatively larger pneumatic systems. It is essential for these vessels to possess high strength and boast of robust seals for preventing any sort of damage or leakages. Whenever it is actually used with equipment and tools which are lubricated with oil, the air duct hose should be capable of resisting oil mist corrosion.

Why Us?

We, at Hitakshi Trading, offer premium quality air duct hoses that are manufactured by Apex Euroflex and imported from India. These are non-metallic, flexible, and lightweight hose with a rigid PVC reinforcement that is fused together and helically wound to the relatively softer inner walls. Thanks to their unique and robust construction they are totally protected against any kind of crushing.

Come to us for the best air duct hose imported from India. Our hoses are known for high strength, chemical-proof and perfect finish. We are the leading suppliers of industrial and irrigation hose pipes in Australia and we offer superlative products at most affordable prices. Our products have gone through several tests and strict QC so they are flawless and are highly acclaimed for their tough construction, resistance to wear and tear, longer service life, and leak proof ability. Contact us now!